A new spin on gravity

iamage of New Physics site design

With the news that gravity waves have now actually been observed by the LIGO labs in the US, another of Einstein’s theories has been proved. Though general relativity describes the way the universe works very well on the large scale, on the small scale, not so much. We just don’t really know what gravity is and how it works. There are theories, oh yes, and here’s a web site we designed last year explaining one of them.

If you’re interested, and want to read more, hop over to the NewPhysics web site and download the papers. Fair warning though, it did hurt my head a little. Gravity – heavy stuff!

M P Robertson Esq – Beware! Dragons!


Last year we built and launched a web site for M P Robertson Esq. (less formally known as Mark). Mr Robertson creates, draws and writes about dragons (amongst other things) for a living, from a shed at the end of his garden. He also gives fantastic talks and creature-drawing workshops at schools. Aside from the site itself, we designed and helped write downloadable lesson plans and information sheets.

The dragon on the landing page was of course brought to life by Dave who took one of Mark’s amazing paintings, dissected and reconstructed it so you can’t see the joins. It was then animated in true Dave style, with sound mixed to create a convincingly dragonish roar, whatever that sounds like (apparently it’s an elephant mixed with fire). On the first day of launch Mark had 3 requests for school visits, and within a week he had fan mail from a 6 year old boy who found the site, and now he seems to be on a national tour of schools. (Must ask if we can design the tour T-shirt.)

My favourite quote is high praise indeed from a little girl after one of Mark’s workshops: ‘It was the best day of my life … better than Legoland!’ So beat that, Legoland!

M P Robertson, coming to a school near you. Book him while he’s hot, ladies and gentlemen! And look out for his other publications.

Felix Sputnik Website

Felix Sputnik, aka Michael Schlingmann

The follow-on post to Miss HatHorn’s Recipe for Gruel has to be about Felix Sputnik, or Michael Schlingmann as we know him – a most creative animator, ukelele player, writer of poems and puns, and partner to Miss Hathorn. Soon after we launched his website Michael was contacted by one of his cartoon artist heroes, Hanco Kolk (draws naughty but very funky pictures, in Michael’s words), who happened upon the site. Nice one!

We designed and built the custom templates for the site, the fantastic animated header was supplied by Mr Sputnik himself.

Miss HatHorn and Felix Sputnik – they live on a hill in London and keep chickens and bees too! A talented and inspiring couple.