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little chef big chef illustrated logo

Here is a logo I did for Little Chef Big Chef web site. An online store for kids cookery.

Sadly it has nothing at all to do with the slightly faded motorway eatery. Sadly?, well Little Chef commissioned Michelin starred Big Chef Heston Blumenthal to revamp their image and menu. Which he did – despite them. You can see the results in the documentary Big Chef takes on little chef on 4OD.

We almost ate in the pilot restaurant but missed the turning. That wasn’t very clever was it?

No Chef!

Sugary Nonsense

Call me old-fashioned, but I rather like the look of those love heart sweets. But, as I’m not usually known for serving up sugary nonsense, here’s some confectionery of another kind – a ‘virtually’ calorie-free alternative to the tooth-rotting, sugar-burning, nutritionally deficient variety. Go on! … you know you want to!

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Dandelion Card

Taraxacum officinal – I love plant taxonomy, me!

Other things I have learnt about the dandelion: 1.┬áthe name comes from ‘dent-de-lion’, meaning ‘lion’s tooth’, which refers to the shape of its leaves 2. it makes you wee more 3. it reproduces asexually and scatters its seeds willy-nilly … what a tart!

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