Felix Sputnik Website

Felix Sputnik, aka Michael Schlingmann

The follow-on post to Miss HatHorn’s Recipe for Gruel has to be about Felix Sputnik, or Michael Schlingmann as we know him – a most creative animator, ukelele player, writer of poems and puns, and partner to Miss Hathorn. Soon after we launched his website Michael was contacted by one of his cartoon artist heroes, Hanco Kolk (draws naughty but very funky pictures, in Michael’s words), who happened upon the site. Nice one!

We designed and built the custom templates for the site, the fantastic animated header was supplied by Mr Sputnik himself.

Miss HatHorn and Felix Sputnik – they live on a hill in London and keep chickens and bees too! A talented and inspiring couple.

Miss HatHorn’s Recipe for Gruel

Miss Hathorn's Home

Life, one meal at a time …

Our talented friend Miss HatHorn, aka Sharon Smith, has designed, directed and animated her first independent film. This ten minute adaptation of a piece of prose by Frank Key was shown at the Bradford Animation Festival in November. The full film, A Recipe for Gruel, can be viewed at the nominations for the British Animation Awards at the BFI on 8th February (and at other venues around the country). We can’t wait to see it!

But, if you can’t make that, you can see the trailer, some of the beautiful drawings, and much more of Sharon’s work, on the Miss HatHorn site … which, incidentally, we built and designed the custom templates for.


Jess Goyder


Last year we were introduced to a talented singer songwriter by the name of Jess Goyder. We got on great guns and discovered that, by strange coincidence, I briefly lived in Jess’s home town of Charlbury when she was growing up there as a teenager. It’s such a small place, I imagine we crossed paths in the corner shop without even knowing!

Our brief was for a WordPress site with integrated social media, that Jess could manage and update herself. We designed her logo and provided a bespoke designed template for the site, all of which was inspired by the intricate featheriness of her voice. You can hear Jess’s fantastic voice reel, watch her video and buy her tunes on the Jess Goyder site. Home page photo by Jon Meade, drawing and handwriting by Jess.

During the course of the project I had the privilege of hearing some of Jess’s older recordings, which she’d mixed together with new material on a CD for us. The whole ‘album’ was a brilliant mix of folky, jazzy, poetic, dancey, soul with sprinklings of bossa nova – right up my street! We’ve since heard her play at Kensington Roof Gardens too. Unfortunately, you’ve missed Jess on the festival circuit for this year but you can read her Glastonbury highlights on her blog.