Love Pong! In celebration of that thing called … PONG!


We set ourselves a little Valentine’s challenge to create a game (most people just buy their wives chocolate, Dave Cockburn!) which can be played with a keyboard or touch screen.

This is the result, in beta still as there are plans to extend it further. But we wanted to get it out to you today in case you didn’t have any plans to stare at each other over a candle-lit, swan-shaped meringue dessert tonight … or similar.

So here is Love Pong, to test your relationship, your dexterity, and your patience. We’ve played it, and were frankly rubbish at it, so I can’t offer you any advice on how to improve your game. But here’s a tip from Albert Einstein: Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love.

I hope you manage a higher score than we did! – let us know how you get on.

Reaching Out in Vietnam

Those of you who know us will be aware that Dave and I have more than a penchant for eating and drinking! So, whilst not wanting to bore the pants off you with my holiday snaps, here are 3 places we visited in Hoi An which I thought deserved a special mention. They all serve great food and drink whilst serving another greater cause. Let me explain:

Reaching Out Teahouse and Handicraft Shop

Reaching Out Teahouse

The most exquisite hot beverage experience you could wish to happen upon! Reaching Out is a social business helping physically impaired craftspeople take responsibility for their own lives by focussing on their creative talents. The tea shop, at 131 Tran Phu, is just beautiful … and silent. All the serving staff are speech and hearing impaired, which seems to have a quietening effect on the customers too, resulting in a most tranquil place to sit, sip tea and taste the wonderful coffee-soaked coconut treats. What’s more, the beautiful tableware used in the teahouse is made at, and can be bought from, the Reaching Out handicraft shop at 103 Nguyen Thai Hoc St.

Streets Restaurant Café

Streets International is a global social enterprise initiative supporting street children by providing housing, food and training for them to work in the high-end culinary and hospitality industry. You can find the restaurant in Hoi An at 17 Le Loi St. Most uplifting, aside from the delicious food of course, was the delight on the face of our very young waitress (clearly a new recruit, being shadowed by a more experienced staff member) each time she accomplished something new.

Blue Dragon Restaurant

Also a big shout for the Blue Dragon Restaurant at 46 Bach Dang St. This restaurant serves fantastic, great value, local food, its profits going to the Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation which helps underprivileged children in Vietnam.

So, for those of you travelling to Vietnam in the near future (you know who you are, I’ve spoken to so many of you!), if you’re in the vicinity, do look them up and support them. You won’t be disappointed … on many levels. Eat, learn and enjoy the silence!