M P Robertson Esq – Beware! Dragons!


Last year we built and launched a web site for M P Robertson Esq. (less formally known as Mark). Mr Robertson creates, draws and writes about dragons (amongst other things) for a living, from a shed at the end of his garden. He also gives fantastic talks and creature-drawing workshops at schools. Aside from the site itself, we designed and helped write downloadable lesson plans and information sheets.

The dragon on the landing page was of course brought to life by Dave who took one of Mark’s amazing paintings, dissected and reconstructed it so you can’t see the joins. It was then animated in true Dave style, with sound mixed to create a convincingly dragonish roar, whatever that sounds like (apparently it’s an elephant mixed with fire). On the first day of launch Mark had 3 requests for school visits, and within a week he had fan mail from a 6 year old boy who found the site, and now he seems to be on a national tour of schools. (Must ask if we can design the tour T-shirt.)

My favourite quote is high praise indeed from a little girl after one of Mark’s workshops: ‘It was the best day of my life … better than Legoland!’ So beat that, Legoland!

M P Robertson, coming to a school near you. Book him while he’s hot, ladies and gentlemen! And look out for his other publications.

Jess Goyder


Last year we were introduced to a talented singer songwriter by the name of Jess Goyder. We got on great guns and discovered that, by strange coincidence, I briefly lived in Jess’s home town of Charlbury when she was growing up there as a teenager. It’s such a small place, I imagine we crossed paths in the corner shop without even knowing!

Our brief was for a WordPress site with integrated social media, that Jess could manage and update herself. We designed her logo and provided a bespoke designed template for the site, all of which was inspired by the intricate featheriness of her voice. You can hear Jess’s fantastic voice reel, watch her video and buy her tunes on the Jess Goyder site. Home page photo by Jon Meade, drawing and handwriting by Jess.

During the course of the project I had the privilege of hearing some of Jess’s older recordings, which she’d mixed together with new material on a CD for us. The whole ‘album’ was a brilliant mix of folky, jazzy, poetic, dancey, soul with sprinklings of bossa nova – right up my street! We’ve since heard her play at Kensington Roof Gardens too. Unfortunately, you’ve missed Jess on the festival circuit for this year but you can read her Glastonbury highlights on her blog.


Sylvie Poggio Site


I finally met the lovely Sylvie Poggio last year, after having worked with some of her illustrators in the past. Originally, Sylvie approached us to consult on revamping the design of their existing website, with the intention of them building the site themselves. We realised, after much discussion, tea and cake,  that a whole new identity was needed and the best way forward was for us to supply design for a logo and a designed template for the site, to be populated with images. This is the result.

Sylvie Poggio Artists represents over 40 great illustrators. Check them out here: www.sylviepoggio.com